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Chat free

General Notes
Clients are permitted around 3 kicks before a boycott, however contingent upon the offense this can come eventually. Furthermore, a boycott should endure something like a day, despite the fact that similarly as with kicking this can change contingent upon the offense.
When using chat, one must avoid fraud, abuse or sex, so that communication is good

Visit Rules
Rule 1: No spam
5 lines of generally a similar measure of text considers spam
An entry of text longer than 5 lines considers spam
Filling talk with any sort of picture considers spam
Any of the abovementioned, or some other unlisted sort of spam, isn't rebuffed assuming the visit is unfilled or dead
Rule 2: No provocation
Try not to exorbitantly affront different clients
Try not to attempt to begin show in visit
Try not to ping somebody without reason
Try not to be unreasonably bigoted/chauvinist/homophobic/and so on.
Rule 3: No NSFW
Try not to connect NSFW content in that frame of mind basically giving an admonition about it
Try not to duplicate/glue NSFW text
Try not to have NSFW pretend with different clients in visit
Rule 4: Nothing against the ToU
Try not to post upsetting symbolism
Try not to post jumpscares or anything comparative
Try not to request individual data
Post no sort of malware

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